Picture of a fallen bicycle on a tarmac
Picture of a fallen bicycle on a tarmac

Hiscox is the world’s leading insurer against kidnap and ransom, and currently underwrites two-thirds of this sector’s insurance premium.

The global economy means a UK company might manufacture a product in China, which is then sold in Mexico, South Africa and Pakistan. But doing business overseas not only creates logistical, regulatory and cultural challenges: it also brings with it a real risk kidnapping, extortion and detention.

Our market-leading insurance protects against kidnap, hijack and bodily injury, as well as against all forms of extortion, including threats to kill, injure, abduct or to damage property; illegal detention; and hijack.

Hiscox’s cover provides our clients with exclusive access to the services of Control Risks, a leading global risk consultancy. It has over 40 years’ experience in resolving cases of kidnapping-for-ransom, piracy, extortion, threat and illegal detention. Control Risks is available around the clock to support our clients with initial assistance from 59 certified salaried consultants, working out of its 36 global offices, followed by the expertise of its 20 full-time specialist response advisors – more than the rest of the entire market put together.

Hiscox’s kidnap and ransom cover is designed to offer our clients the peace of mind of managing and responding to their ever-changing kidnap and ransom risks, both on and offshore.