Picture of a household with piano
Picture of a household with piano

In 1967, Robert Hiscox began underwriting the personal property of high net worth individuals as a specialist line of business – a first in the Lloyd’s market.

Since then our expertise and product range in this area has grown with the times. Today, we provide extraordinary cover and expert advice on the care and safe-keeping of a whole range of high-value property from city pad to stately pile, and ceramic collection to overseas homes to luxury motor vehicles (covering all manner of vehicles from Aston Martin to Zonda).

When you buy our insurance we give you our ‘promise to pay’ – it’s when you make a claim that you really find out how good your insurer is, which is why we aim to ensure our claims service is the best in the market. Our claims professionals support our clients through painful times, putting them back on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

One of our clients suffered a fire in their home caused by a faulty light in a fitted wardrobe. A large part of the second floor was completely destroyed, with smoke, heat and water damage affecting most other areas of the house. Precious possessions were destroyed or damaged, including a valuable Russian art collection. Immediate, expert assistance is essential in these situations to prevent further damage and our claims team was able to mobilise quickly. They were in contact the day the fire occurred and at the site the very next morning offering support and advice. Our restoration and forensic experts were on-site the following day to begin the clean-up works and investigate the cause of the fire. Our clients value the service they receive and we welcome the chance to help make them whole again.

Underwriting contact

Justin Gott
Head of Art and Private Client
Hiscox UK

T +44 20 7448 6322
E justin.gott@hiscox.com

Peter Stevens
Head of Art and Private Client
Hiscox Europe

T +32 2788 2608
E peter.stevens@hiscox.com