Picture of a skyscraper
Picture of a skyscraper

As the global economic recovery continues, businesses are looking ahead with renewed confidence. However, huge challenges remain. Directors and senior managers should be able to plan for the future with the confidence of knowing they are protected against unknown and emerging litigation and regulatory risks. Hiscox covers organisations of all sizes and structures, and our management liability insurance is designed to help public, private and not-for-profit organisations address all their management liability risks.

London Market
Our London Market team offers directors and officers (D&O) liability policies to publicly traded US companies, and internationally, to both publicly traded and privately held companies. We combine underwriting expertise and experienced claims handling with the financial stability of Lloyd’s of London. We tailor our policies to suit the client’s needs, whatever their size or industry, so directors and senior executives know they have the right protection for the increasingly complex risks they face.

In the US, our expert team offers five areas of cover for private companies: directors and officers’ liability (D&O), employment practices’ liability (EPL), fiduciary liability (FLI) and employed lawyers’ professional liability (ELAW) crime/fidelity. These offer us the flexibility to create a coverage solution that meets each client’s specific needs. Our clients range from start-ups to consumer product giants, from the smallest charitable foundations to the largest universities and healthcare providers.

In the UK, we offer a comprehensive management liability package aimed at private limited companies as well as not-for-profit organisations, charities and sporting organisations. The package covers directors and officers, and the entity as well as employment claims, all with separate limits of indemnity. We can also provide Business HR assistance, a risk management-based service to help our clients manage their employment-related exposures.

In continental Europe, we offer D&O liability policies in Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands to both publicly traded and privately owned companies, as well as to not-for-profit organisations. In Spain, we also offer a combined product for mid-size companies, which include D&O liability, employment liability and entity cover.

Our local underwriters are assisted by a dedicated, expert team of claim handlers, which includes several lawyers.

Every organisation today faces an array of exposures in a rapidly evolving legal and regulatory environment. A Hiscox policy provides directors and officers with the reassurance they need to confidently plan for the future.

Management Liability team

Hiscox London Market

Bertrand Spunberg
Vice President, Management Liability
Hiscox USA
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Derrick Potton
Head of Professional, Speciality and Commercial
Hiscox UK
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Nicolas Sabiani
European Product Head, Management liability
Hiscox Europe
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