Picture of an apartment
Picture of an apartment

Small businesses are the engine of every economy and Hiscox is here to protect them and help them grow. In the United States there are 23 million small businesses, accounting for 54% of all the country’s sales and 55% of its jobs.1 The European Union has 20 million small businesses, employing nearly 87 million people.2

Hiscox is a leader and innovator in coverage for small firms, helping them prevent or manage the perils they face. We cover businesses of all sizes, from self-employed contractors to rapidly growing enterprises with several sites and hundreds of employees. Our commercial office packages give small businesses the cover they need, at a competitive price and with a minimum of fuss; offering wide-ranging protection, from full cover for theft and loss of revenue, to commercial legal expenses and goods in transit.

Hiscox also protects small businesses against the growing threat of cyber crime. Our underwriters and claims specialists are acknowledged experts in the field of data risks and will work swiftly to get our clients up and running should they suffer a cyber attack.

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