Picture of a woman looking at art
Picture of a woman looking at art

Hiscox has been insuring fine art for over 40 years. It is one of our passions: we collect it and also support and promote new artistic talent. We understand the motivation to own rare and unique works, from medieval tapestries to modern art installations, and the desire to keep them in pristine condition.

The wealth of experience we have acquired over that time has helped our clients in every way, from restoring fragile artworks to recovering stolen pieces. Our own policy wordings have become the industry standard and we have earned a reputation for an excellent claims service that is known for being fair, discreet, sensitive and swift.

The range of art we insure is as diverse as the people who buy, sell and show it. We appreciate that every piece is unique. We also offer bespoke cover for a range of specialist collectables including musical instruments, classic cars, vintage aircraft and stamps. Our clients range from museums and galleries to dealers, exhibitors and individual collectors. We cover against all forms of loss or damage anywhere in the world, but can also insure against defective title, exhibition cancellation and also the professional indemnity risks of auctioneers, valuers and restorers.

Our extensive know-how allows us to offer our clients expert advice on the care and safekeeping of their artworks. That has never been more important, with many paintings today worth over $100 million – the overall value of a substantial collection not so long ago.

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Global Head, Art and Private Clients
Hiscox London Market

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